Hey, It's Ripal

Wife | Mother | Website Designer and Developer | Boss of myself

An ex-corporate 10 to 7 employee, who then decided to use skills and knowledge on my own and became a 6 figure freelancer,
And to be honest it was no less than a slog! I have had a lot of ups and downs,you can count much more of downs, but one thing came out of it, its given me the talent, skill and experience that wont come from 10 to 7 stuff !
I’ve been in the place where you don’t know when you are next getting paid, not knowing what to do next or if it is all worth it.
You have my word, it is worth it!

My own life

Over the past 6 years I
have transformed my own life

To a great extent hard work and a kick ass mindset have transformed my life a lot personally and professionally, I am in real living a life that i dreamt of.
Working as a freelancer helps me to manage work life balance, taking decisions on my own, dealing with the bugs on my own. I have explored much more than just developing sites!

Quick Q&A

A quick Q&A with me!

Favourite place to work:

My lil home office

Preferable time to work:

IST but quite flexible!

My interest:

Taking a more deep dive into development research

My priorities when we are working together:

Satisfaction of my client

My strength:

My mindset

My weakness:

Emotional quotient

Where I am travelling to next:

LA and Vegas calling!!

Fave episode of friends:

The one with the flashback

My favourite piece of advice:

Nothing changes if nothing changes.
If you don’t take action to change your circumstances, they will never improve – that’s 100% guaranteed. So don’t let fear, doubt, anxiety stop you from achieving your heartfelt desires!

Couldn’t get more perfect explanation of ME:

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