As a professional web designer and developer, I always ask clients if they have a  preferred hosting in their mind or not! We all know in today’s era websites are important for our business. So, it’s not enough to have a good looking website but it needs to be fast, stable and secure. And all these things depend on the host of the website. If the host is not reliable then you could end up losing the key opportunity for your business. So, it’s one of the most important to select the right web host for your website. In this blog I will discuss what is the Host of a website, How to select the best host for your website and also different host providers.

What's a web host?

Web host is a service provider that gives you a space for your website on the internet to store all the data. When we create a website we need some space to store all the data of the website like images, video and content. So, this is where the web host comes in the picture. Our host is like a big computer where we can get some space to store our data for a website. When some types our website name it will directly point out to the web host and then the host will make them appear on your screen. There are many different types of host service providers in the market, well we will see about them later on this blog. For now, we understand what the host is and what they will do.

Importance of Web Hosting

We all know now what web host is but it’s also important to know the importance of host as well. Today’s digital world, the security of websites is most important. We need to protect our website from hackers and cyber-attacks. Hacking is most common nowadays. So, it is essential to save your website from this kind of attack. So, it’s essential to select a host that provides the best security. Second, speed is also important for websites. Nobody likes websites that load slowly. In this fast world, No one likes to wait for a long time to load a website and see the data.

Some websites need only speed rather than security then they can also select a web host likely. So based on your requirement and importance you can select the host. Make sure the provider has a good reputation and that they offer all of the features that you need, including a cPanel, unlimited storage space and bandwidth, SSL certification, domain management tools and more. For example, if your website is in wordpress then it’s reliable to select a host that provides a wordpress feature. Another important factor to select a web host is their support. Because if our website goes down then we need good support from the host to make it live again. If Host Company don’t provide good support then we repay with our time and also lost key opportunity for business as our website goes down for a long time.

What to Look for When Choosing
New Web Hosting Services:

There are so many factors to look but here I list out the factors that are common for all businesses and websites:

1. Web Server:

  • Always need to check what kind of web server they provide? There are many kind of server available like shared, dedicated host, cloud hosting, VPS or wordpress hosting.

2. Technical Support

  • Support is the most important thing when you need help. So it is always important to check how we reach the host provider if we need support?
  • Also needs to check what their response time and if they are capable of guiding you and solve the issue?
  • Also need to check if they have a support ticket system, live chat or phone support and working hours.

3. Security Features

  • Hosting services always provide the security features so check what kind of features they provide for security.
  • Do they offer malware scanning, firewalls, DDoS protection, a secure IP address and more?

4. Price

  • Price is a big factor. We have a budget and need to select a host based on that.
  • So check how much they charge and what is their renewal price?
  • Do they offer any discounts and are there any hidden charges?
  • What are their terms and conditions?
  • Tips: Stay away from any free service. Quality website hosting comes at a cost and it’s worth the investment.

5. Uptime Guarantee

  • What is the uptime guarantee? How often does their server go down for maintenance?

6. SSL Certificate

  • SSL certificates are important for websites. So always check, is an SSL certificate included in their plans and is it free?

7. Backups

  • Sometimes we need a backup of the website. Sometimes if by mistakes our data is  deleted or because of malware attack if we lost our data then we need to restore our data. So, Backup is needed for that.
  • So check if the hosting provider offers a back-up plan and what is the charge for it?
  • Do they take extra charge for restoration?
  • Best and quality host always provides back-ups but it’s always best to check.

8. Ease of Use

  • Time to time we need to access the host whether we are technical people or not. So check is the host user friendly? How easy is it to use their c-panel or control panel?
  • Do they offer video tutorials or guides and if they provide complete control of the website?
  • Yes, website hosting is most important and can have a huge impact on the success of your website, but it’s so important to make sure it’s a good host.
  • Make sure you invest in good hosting and you’ll see the benefits. A poor website host can very quickly undo your hard work on your new website.